My Personal Story

I’ve been a marketer for over 10 years, and the joy of my work comes from creating and connecting with women entrepreneurs. Since I’m a service-based professional, not everyone can afford my services. My typical client is someone more established…and looking for less of a DIY approach to their digital marketing. You can connect and learn from my Facebook Group community, “The Tech Connect for Women Entrepreneurs”.


I’m Passionate About Helping Women on their Entrepreneurial Journey.

Sharing my knowledge of digital marketing, was the BEST way to reach those just starting out, and unable to afford my services. And I finally decided the BEST way to keep the conversation going was by starting the Like-minded Women’s Facebook Group.

This is NOT the Real Reason I Started My Business.

I decided to start my business when my husband quit working for his family business after 20 years. He had been vetted for the job since age 11 and didn’t know anything else. And one day he asked me, “Can I quit?

Since I knew he was miserable, of course, I said, “Yes”. I’m all for happiness, positivity and creating a life and business you love. So…since he was staying home and taking over the home/kid chaos, I put all of my focus into streamlining and fixing my digital marketing business. But I also kept thinking about starting my blog.

I’m all for happiness, positivity and creating a life and business you love.

I spent months just fixing, fixing, fixing my business! I anticipated starting much sooner, but everything takes time. And I had to be ready. I had to have a plan and feel ready. But most importantly, I just had to START AND SHARE. And remember not to hide.

I often sort things out in the middle of the night when it’s quiet and less distracting. So, I finally decided an important part of my business would include Sharing My Story and Starting My Facebook Group.

More than anything…I needed to share my story. Realizing I needed to write about my journey made me feel more complete. If I can help just ONE person…it will be worth it!

My Creative Journey has not always been easy, but I believe we’re all on a path. We just need to pay attention to the signs and try not to get stuck on the bumps along the way (or make excuses!)

I will continue to share my entrepreneurial journey, my knowledge, and my skills.

And of course, the business will be created by and for my family. They have always given me unconditional support, love, and strength to pursue my passions and dreams. Cheers!

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

–Albert Einstein