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I provide VIP Services for Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs…just like you!

Business Strategy for Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs (we do things differently and that’s okay!)
Tech & Marketing Strategy (don’t let the fear of tech hold you back from creating a business you love)
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Are you overwhelmed with the tech side of running your biz? Don’t let the fear of tech hold you back from creating a business you love. Download the Tech Toolkit.


VIP Services includes Business Strategy for Like-Minded Women Entrepreneurs, Tech and Marketing Strategy, Sales Funnel Strategy and Facebook Ads.


Now it’s more important than ever for women to support women in business. It’s no surprise that we do business differently but that doesn’t have to hold us back!

Hey, you!

I’m Tammy P and I provide VIP Services for like-minded women entrepreneurs…just like you! If you feel like you’re missing pieces of the entrepreneurial and digital marketing puzzle…I can help! I’ve been in business for 10+ years…and have felt the ups and downs on my creative journey. I know it’s challenging (and super rewarding) being a woman entrepreneur…I’m rooting for you!

What Clients are Saying…

“Tammy is my go-to digital resource for just about everything. Whether it’s website development, branding, SEO or simply having a thought-provoking conversation about how the marketing industry evolving, Tammy has been a valuable resource and friend who has helped me grow over the course of my career. I’ve worked with her on multiple projects over the years and I can say one thing remains consistent: Tammy is customer focused. No matter what project I throw at her, Tammy rolls up her sleeves and delivers exactly what I need. In the face of challenges or road blocks, Tammy is quick and nimble in finding a solution to keep the project on track. Tammy is a forward thinker; she is always looking ahead at what’s trending in the digital marketing world. Tammy’s digitally-focused mindset made her the perfect fit for crafting a website for my private equity company’s new tech startup. The look and feel of the site captured exactly the impression we wanted to make; a groundbreaking, disruptive technology that would make waves within our industry. As entrepreneurs, partnering with an entrepreneurial-minded marketing resource makes a world of difference. Tammy sees the bigger picture and keeps our company’s vision at the forefront of her marketing strategy.”

Kerri Kalfaian


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